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Atlantic FuelEx supplies a wide range of superior quality aviation fuel products to over 3600 airports and innumerable military airbases across the globe. Atlantic FuelEx operates tank farms with fuel reservoirs that are equipped with the most modern technical equipments. A qualified technical workforce posted at each of these destinations undertakes the refueling needs. Best of all, these terminals are managed and maintained as per the international aviation regulations, standards and requirements.

Some of its most sought-after products are:



In colder regions like Russia, CIS states and some East European countries the aviation fuel used are those with lower flash point and lower viscosity. TS1 is a Kerosene-type aviation fuel supplied against the GOST 10227 specification with slightly higher volatility compared to Jet1. TS1 has a low viscosity of -60◦C, flash point of 28◦C minimum and lower freezing point of <-50◦C.



Jet A and JetA-1:

A mixture of numerous hydrocarbons, Jet A and Jet A1 are Kerosene-type jet fuels. They are clear to straw-colored in appearance and have an approximate boiling range between 165 - 290◦C (330◦-550◦F). They are the most commonly used commercial aviation jet fuels used in aircrafts powered by gas-turbine engines.


JP 45:

Jet Fuel used for military purposes has unique specifications considering their operational and logistical differences compared to commercial aircrafts. Mostly military aviation fuel demands additional like addition of corrosion inhibitors and added lubricity. Hence most governments maintain separate specifications for jet fuel for military use. JP45 is a high-performance jet fuel mainly used by the military. Atlantic FuelEx supplies 80% of the JP45 aviation fuel to the military buyers across the globe.



This is a petroleum distilled Kerosene-type jet fuel with an approximate boiling range of 165 - 290◦C (330◦-550◦F). It is similar to Jet A, and is widely used by the US military as they are less flammable, less hazardous fuel and is better suited for safety and combat survivability. Interestingly, they are recommended as an alternate fuel for diesel fueled vehicles, heaters, stoves, tanks, tactical ground vehicles and generators.



JP5 is High Flash Point Kerosene-type jet fuel having a minimum flash point of 60◦C (140◦F). Owing to its higher cost, its usage is limited to situations where the danger of fire is higher. JP5 is used by Navy for fire safety purposes aboard aircraft carriers, and also in aircraft fleet used by heads of state and government.


AVGAS [Aviation Gasoline]:

AVGAS is a petroleum distillated gasoline type fuel with an approximate boiling range of 35◦-165◦C (95◦-330◦F). They are used by power spark-ignited piston-engine aircrafts and are highly flammable and significantly toxic. AVGAS is formulated for stability, safety, and predictable performance under a wide range of environments.


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