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Atlantic FuelEx extends the finest Risk Management Solutions (RMS) to all clients; thanks to its partnership with Colt International - an industry leader with 65 years of experience in the industry serving over 7,000 flight departments and a supply network of more than 2500 fueling locations.

Bringing the expertise of such a reliable business partner, Atlantic FuelEx assures guaranteed RMS services including timely support, predictable decisions and systematic approach to managing safety, suggesting necessary organizational structure, accountabilities, policies and procedures, safety assessment, loss control measures, hazards identification and so on. It provides comprehensive RMS coverage worldwide that too on the most cost-effective plans. Most aviation companies prefer Atlantic FuelEx RMS coverage plans to empower their businesses and safeguard their assets and resources. No wonder, Atlantic FuelEx is trusted for its worldwide handling capacities, breadth of coverage and superior value RMS.

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