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Being a proud member of IATA aviation fuel consultant, Atlantic FuelEx is authorized to undertake jet fuel quality and specification tests and inspections all over the world. Atlantic FuelEx has a well established global network of jet fuel testing laboratories with state-of-the-art facilities to carry out tests which are akin to ASTM, MIL, DEFSTAN, AFQRJOS, and other jet aviation industry standards. Besides providing 24/7 fuel testing services and expert solutions to its clients, Atlantic FuelEx also undertakes Jet Engine and Gas Turbine Support Services and Debris Analysis.


Jet Aviation Fuel Test includes test and analysis for Acidity, Aniline Point, Anti-icing Additives; API Gravity, API Density; Aromatics, Appearance; ASTM D1655; Burning Quality; Carbon Residue (Ramsbottom); Color, Conductivity, Corrosion, Copper Content; Distillation, Doctor Test; Explosiveness; FAME in Jet Fuel; Jet A Biofuels Testing; Jet Fuel Degradation Storage Problems; Jet Engine Damage Testing for Airborne Dust and Volcano Particles; Flash-point, Freeze-point; Gum Existent Steam; Heat of Combustion, Hydrogen Content; Lubricity (BOCLE); Sulfur; MSEP (Micro-separometer Index); Olefins Content, Naphthalene Content; Particle Count and ISO Coding (Cleanliness); Peroxide Number; Red Dye Concentration; Smoke Point; Vapor Pressure, Viscosity; and Water Reaction. Meanwhile, Jet Fuel Test features Jet Engine OCM Testing and Jet Fuel Degradation Storage Problems.

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