Atlantic FuelEx Fuel logistic solutions in Afghanistan

In an effort to support Afghanistan’s nation re-building projects, Atlantic FuelEx is all set to unleash its excellence in fuel logistic services right across the terrains of Afghanistan. Be it for Logistics & Supplies, Import & Export, Fuel Logistics & Transportation, or Transportation of all types of commodities/goods including fuel across Afghanistan, Atlantic FuelEx is well equipped to handle any kind of logistic services with its fleet of over 500 ISO 9001 CCC certified fuel trucks. Nearly 230 of them have a tank volume of 10001 – 25000 liters and another set of 230 trucks have a tank capacity of 10001 – 49000 liters.

The fleet is manned by well trained crew who is skilled to handle any emergency calls, and is capable of transporting fuel safely from any destination in Afghanistan to any required airbases in the country. Already Atlantic FuelEx has entered the Afghan market and has been handling similar projects like Transportation of Fuel in Hiaratan, Kabul, Kandahar, Mazar and Heart. Beside, it has been engaged in transporting fuel from Bagram Airbase to different destinations across Afghanistan.

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