Unique VAT-Exempt and VAT-Compliant Aviation Fueling Care

Atlantic FuelEx encourages its clients to enroll in the fuel policies to enjoy maximum benefits. Its unique VAT-Exempt and VAT-Compliant aviation fuel policy is a fine way to get away with capital drain and is truly beneficial to companies either large or small, that purchases aviation fuel for its aircrafts.

It is a comprehensive and legally compliant program developed after much research and consultation with tax advisors. Those who choose Atlantic FuelEx Fuel Policy is eligible to avail its products and services from anywhere in the world with maximum exemption, reduction, or refund for aviation fuel used in their scheduled and charter flights. 

What’s more, Atlantic FuelEx offers Zero Cost Consultation which is a highly rewarding service for customers across the globe. Through this service clients can talk 24/7 to Atlantic FuelEx highly experienced and qualified professional operations team. The team offers expert advises, comments, suggestions and recommendations to clients on a time based communication program and will coordinate on the client’s behalf with their ground handling agents and the into plane company to ensure fuel tanker is ready to refuel their aircraft on required time. The team also offers open information to its clients and program members on ground co-ordination and up-to-date fuel shortage / low / out of stock announcements worldwide 24/7.

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