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Atlantic FuelEx


Atlantic FuelEx Online

AFOL is coming soon with a complete fuel purchase, auditable fuel tendering process, accounting, electronic invoices, fuel tax recovery and monthly tax filing services and more.


Why Atlantic FuelEx

Statistics often reveals fascinating facts. In the aviation industry, roughly 50% of an airline's expenses are dictated by the fuel prices. Atlantic FuelEx understands the significance and responsibilities of being a major fuel supplier in the aviation industry. It therefore extends credit terms, single point of contact facilities, complete price transparency, highly pro-active credit risk management services, detailed & speedy invoicing, tax consultation & verification and periodically cross-checking with customer's accounting department to maintain reliable information. What's more, all its allies and partners enjoy all the comforts generated by its years of experience in the market.


Fuel Tendering

Atlantic FuelEx encourages airliners to avail its in house tendering package to enjoy maximum benefits. Once an airliner is registered in the comprehensive package scheme of Atlantic FuelEx, they will be updated automatically with timely reminders, changes and any news related to tenders. Atlantic FuelEx requests airlines to register and send the tender invitation to to obtain our comprehensive supply pricing & solutions.

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